I believe that every member of our community deserves access to excellent healthcare.  After several years of working in insurance-based primary care clinics, I became frustrated with never getting as much time as I would have liked to spend with my patients.  Variations in insurance coverage from one patient to the next caused limitations dictating how I could care for my patients.  Pressure from health care administrators pushing me to see as many patients as possible limited my time to be thorough and adequately follow up with patients.  On a daily basis, I saw how primary care was becoming more and more fragmented with a minimal level of personal connection.  

I started Seeley Creek Healthcare in Loganville, WI to be able to provide more comprehensive and personalized primary care.  I believe patients and providers alike deserve a personal connection with one another in order to foster a healthcare partnership. With the Direct Primary Care model, I can take the time to fully focus on your needs and build a lasting relationship with you without the limitations of insurance or pressures of healthcare administrators.  

The nursing model of healthcare focuses on getting to know the patient as a sum of a whole system of parts. As a nurse practitioner with my own DPC clinic, I want to personalize medical care and take primary care back to its roots with the main focus being on you — my patient. 

I am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and have been been in the area for most of my life.  I got my nursing degree at the Madison Collage, Reedsburg location and went to get my Master's in Nursing with a Nurse Practitioner certification at Herzing University.  Throughout my nursing career, I have practiced in the nursing home, hospital, urgent care and family practice settings.​

I live outside of Loganville, WI with my husband, two children, dog and assortment of other farm animals.  I love walking, gardening, photography and crocheting.   But most importantly, I love meeting new people, building lasting relationships and helping to put a smile on your face.

The Team

Patricia (Patty) Passehl,

Family Nurse Practitioner & Owner